November 15, 2009

Adventures in horrible drink names

I was just hanging out in the chat room for Tiki Bar TV, and an unofficial challenge was hanging in the air. Create a drink or shot themed around "sweat." I decided to go with something that I've termed:
Frog Sweat

1 oz absinthe
1/2 oz gin
3 dashes Jamaican bitters (or Bittermens grapefruit bitters if you don't feel like waiting a week while your homemade Jamaican bitters mature)

build in a chilled shot glass.
Very spur of the moment, but the name's kinda whimsical, in that absinthe is traditionally associated with the French, those Frenchy-froggy-froggy-Frenchies. Tastes good, though.

Here's a quick photo I snapped off of it.
Frog Sweat

For the full list of Sweat themed cocktails (some of which may not be very good...they wound up drifting toward the theoretical), please visit Dogs and cats, living together...mass hysteria.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice indeed. Try making some more of the sweat drinks we created. I curious to see how some turned out, especially the Thanksgiving themed Turkey sweat, since the holiday is next week.