April 23, 2009

Special bonus post!

I decided to have a Gin Rickey again in anticipation of warmer weather, but I'm using a different gin from the last time. This go round I made it with New Amsterdam, which is probably a good starter gin for people who think they don't like gin...it's got a lower price point than most, and there's less juniper, which mean less "pine needle" flavor for those that can't handle it. New Amsterdam's stronger on the citrus, which means you probably won't want it in your martinis, but for mixed drinks that already rely on citrus components, this, like Gordon's London Dry Gin, is a pretty good one to go to.

So I made the Rickey with 1/2 lime juice, 2 oz New Amsterdam, and a teeny, tiny, two-drop addition of Pernod, just for some more herbal notes, then topped it all up with seltzer. Awesome. If your neck of the woods is slated for a warm spell for the next few days, it might not be a bad idea to go and pick up some of this.

This concludes tonight's random bonus post.


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